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How does Shop & Establishment registration helps you:

Shop and Establishment Act is covered under state legislation and each state has framed its own rules and regulations for the same. Since rules are framed by the state government, obviously, rules will differ from state to state and hence rules for the state in which registration is to be obtained needs to be followed. Establishment covered under the Act should mandatorily within a period of 3 months of commencements of his business make an application to prescribed authority for the registration of shop and commercial establishment.

It is mandatory for all the establishment covered under the Act to obtain registration and follow all the rules and regulations prescribed under the same. In case of any failure in obtaining registration and / or following the rules and regulation of the Act, the establishment would be liable to pay the penalty. The penalty amount would vary from state to state.

Documents to be submitted:

As mentioned earlier, application procedure would differ from state to state, however, basic details to be provided at the time of applying for registration are as under:

  • TName and address of the establishment
  • Name of the employer
  • PAN of establishment
  • Address proof
  • Sale deed or rent agreement
  • Category of establishment
  • Number of employee
  • Details of employee
  • Other relevant details as called for